Here you will find resources to assist you as you look for housing in the Greensburg area. This list will be updated as new options open up and previous ones are taken. As you conduct your search for ideal housing, please keep in mind that LECOM does not recommend or certify any rental opportunities.  Each individual should carefully evaluate a potential property in person and the terms of a lease before entering into an agreement.

Websites for apartment hunting:

Local real estate companies that specialize in residential rentals:

Rental complexes in the area:

  • Heritage Square                                                    724-834-2244
  • Laurel Apartments                                               724-850-1626
  • Villages of Easton (Irwin)                                   724-863-7600
    • Pet friendly!
  • Starboard Villas                                                    724-836-2636
    • Pet friendly!
  • Brookside Apartments                                        724-836-2636
    • Pet friendly!
  • Summit Apartments                                            724-539-3224
  • The Lofts on 2nd Street                                       724-433-2605 Jeff Dorfler
    • Downtown Greensburg Historical District
  • Toll House Apartments                                       724-836-2636
    • Pet friendly!
  • North Main Apartments                                     724-549-4241
  • Timber Ridge (New Stanton)                            724-925-3925
    • Pet friendly!
  • Academy Heights                                                 412-322-1361
    • Pet friendly!
  • West Point Townhomes                                      412-322-1361
    • Cat friendly!
  • Briarcliff East Apartments (Youngwood)        412-322-1361
    • Cat friendly!
  • Pine Drive Apartments (New Stanton)            412-322-1361
    • Cat friendly!
  • Cabin Hill Place                                                    724-635-3057
    • Cat friendly!
  • Walkers Ridge Apartments                                844-659-3771
  • Stone Villa Court                                                  724-834-2353
  • Sherwood Circle Townhomes (Youngwood)   724-635-4534
  • Oak Ridge Estates                                                724-830-9363
    • Pet friendly!
  • Trotwood Manor (New Stanton)                       724-635-3057
    • Pet friendly!
  • Greenview Arms Apartments                             412-558-1810

The following are houses or apartments owned by local landlords who typically rent out to LECOM students.

705-L Michigan Avenue, Jeannette

225 Hillview Lane, Youngwood

150 Alexander Avenue, Greensburg

277 Sussex Way, Greensburg

544 Locust Street, Greensburg

508 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Greensburg

221 Brown Street, Greensburg

229 Sussex Way, Greensburg

420 South Maple Avenue, Greensburg

508 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Greensburg

223 Mitinger Avenue, Greensburg

329 Brown Avenue, Greensburg

422 South Maple Avenue, Greensburg

420 Walnut Avenue, Greensburg

321 Hawthorne Avenue, Apt 2, Greensburg

507 North Main Street, Greensburg

Xanjo Properties

The Breakhouse on College Avenue

540 Locust Street, Greensburg

1212 North Greengate Road, Greensburg

45 East Pittsburgh Street, Greensburg

402 North Main Street, Greensburg

Stone Villa Court Townhouses

Penbriar Apartments

537 Sidney Street, Greensburg

415 South Main Street, Greensburg

115 West 3rd Street, Greensburg

126A Park Lane, Greensburg

504 West Otterman Street, Greensburg