The Internal Medicine component of Primary Care Club hopes to foster an engaging environment through which the student body can develop an increasing appreciation for internal medicine and primary care in general. Internal medicine opens one of the widest arenas of opportunity when it comes to the practice of medicine, so we hope to explore the path towards being in that field and what opportunities for work or further career progress are present thereafter.

All chairs of Primary Care Club plan on collaborating towards guest speakers that stress the importance of preventative medicine in primary care or the role of primary care as a crucial gatekeeper in healthcare. We also hope to encourage conversation on understated topics of health care via documentary/film viewings and a potential forum on Women in Medicine. Primary care becomes an inherent part of our lives since before we are born, and that is reflected on our more recent efforts towards having LECOM participate in the March for Babies Marathon on April 28th, 2019.



Internal Medicine Chair: Neha Patel

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nicole Temofonte